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Christmas Cards and Craftwork from Santa María

Christmas is a favourite subject for the Sewing Co-operative and there are many variations on the campesino Christmas.
We have been making beautiful hangings for some years - two designs were chosen by the Paraguayan Post Office as the national Christmas stamps for 2004, as seen above, and we have also featured the designs on the Santa Maria Education Fund Christmas cards.
This year the co-operative is not only making the usual lovely hangings, but has branched out with a capacious Christmas stocking, which can be re-used for years to make a charming family tradition.

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This is the Card for 2010!

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2004 Madonna
card 2007
card 2008
card 2009

The Christmas Stocking was developed together with young people in the UK.
Because they are made individually, every one is slightly different, as you can see below, which means that each family can have their own unique version.

The Christmas Stocking below is approximately 36cm high.

Stockings cost £12 each plus £2.50 p&p, but two items can be bought for £20 plus £2.50p&p.
Ordering details are here!

Below are some of the hanging designs - each piece is an individual work of art, so the colours and designs are subject to considerable variation, but they nearly always show Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus in traditional Paraguayan costume; the baby lying in a hammock and gifts of sweet smelling fruits in front of him. This is the tradition with Paraguayan cribs, because Christmas here falls in the hot summer. And if there is a palm tree, it will sport its fragrant yellow flower, always associated with Christmas.

card 2005
Christmas card 2005
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The Flight into Egypt
Christmas in the daytime
the Christmas card for 2007
Shepherds and sheep
as featured on this year's card!

another hanging
Three variations on the theme of Christmas night
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This craftwork can be ordered in the same way as other craftwork: the designs can be made up as hangings as above
or as scenes for a Christmas stole, as in the designs here.

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For all orders, contact
Mimi Stephens
Lee Cottage
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Moreton in Marsh
Glos GL56 9HH

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